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21.03.2024 – 21:05-22:00 Uhr
Simone Santi Gubini – The Black Exposition
JetztMusik Radio SWR 2
It is about the extreme density of the music. Ensemble musicians play in extreme techniques and registers at a high dynamic level. Electronics amplify the impact of the information. Ultimately, the aim is to awaken a new sensitivity for the physicality and facets of music. "The Black Exposition", by Italian composer Simone Santi Gubini, takes you on a journey into completely unique listening spaces and challenges for the ears.
hörBar der Neuen Musikzeitung
hörBar der Neuen Musikzeitung
Die klangliche Dichte, die Santi Gubini hier erzeugt, hat etwas von undurchschaubarer Unendlichkeit.
[The tonal density Santi Gubini creates here has something of an inscrutable infinity
about it.]
Review in the hörBar of the Neue Musikzeitung by Dr. Martin Hufner is about Simone Santi Gubini’s album The Black Exposition. An invitation for conversations on musical perspectives.
Percorsi Musicali
Percorsi Musicali
Simone Santi Gubini’s interview about his album The Black Exposition [ital. Le
esposizioni oscure] with the journalist Ettore Garzia is published now in the online
magazine Percorsi Musicali.
In this captivating interview, the composer details his very personal approach of writing
music, whether he had musical role models and how painting supports finding solutions
for compositional issues.
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