It’s the material, that needs to change in music. Music is an expression of power and has the power to change the enviroment of the listener.

Creating maximum contrast on every musical parameter

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Schmelzpunkt [2013]
for flute, bass clarinet & two pianos for one player
[01] No. 1
[02] No. 2
[03] No. 3

Ensemble Musikfabrik
Susanne Peters – flute
Carl Rosman – bass clarinet
Benjamin Kobler – piano

Klangrelief III [2023]
Unison duo for amplified contrabass clarinet, amplified baritone saxophone and foot pedals
[04] No. 1
[05] No. 2
[06] No. 3 Matisse

Carl Rosman – contrabass clarinet
Patrick Stadler – baritone saxophone
Simone Santi Gubini – foot pedals

Die schwarze Ausstellung [2018]
For amplified orchestra of nine instruments and foot pedals
[07] Die schwarze Ausstellung

Ensemble Musikfabrik
Carl Rosman – bass clarinet
Joshua Hyde – baritone saxophone
James Aylward – bassoon
Rostislav Kozhevnikov & Hannah Weirich – violin
Dirk Wietheger & Adya Khanna-Fontenla – cello
Florentin Ginot – double bass
Dirk Rothbrust – percussions
Gregor A. Mayrhofer – conductor

More about the Artist

Simone Santi Gubini is an Italian composer, born in Rome, who lives and works in Berlin. He is particularly interested in music as an intense physical experience. In music as a request to satisfy. Using highly textural developments, extreme ambiguity and overexposed tones, the composer forms a raw and tangible sound. He creates maximum contrast on every musical parameter and a continuous burst of shift in relations to build new ones, forcing the established perception to break. The brutality of loudness and the relentless intensity of the music demand great physical strength from the performer and a state of absolute control whilst losing it. The body of instruments (hyper-instrument) mediates the enormous release of sound onto the audience. A sound of accelerated impact manifesting shock. Shock as an intense music experience.